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Joshua Tavares

Josh Tavares is a certified LEGACY Real Estate Investment Advisor (LREIA) and Managing Partner/Co-Founder of T&R Wealth Strategies Inc., based in Toronto.

Josh and his wife have been together for 9+ years. They share many interests, including their love for travel and baseball. In 2011, they set a goal to travel to all 30 MLB stadiums. In 7 years, they’ve visited 18 MLB stadiums, 35+ cities in 11 states to date. Him and his wife first met while working at the Rogers Centre, where they’ve experienced many memorable events together for the past 11 seasons—including 2015 and 2016 playoffs (Jose Bautista’s gaming winning bat flip), Roberto Alomar’s induction into MLB Hall of Fame, 2015 Pan Am Games, Guns N’ Roses reunion tour, and many more.

Josh purchased his first property in downtown Toronto at the age of 24. In 2017, he was introduced to Real Estate investing through his associate, Ken Klinaftakis. Through mentorship and guidance from Ken, he understood the invaluable strategies of building a legacy and creating long term wealth through Real Estate. He became fascinated and began his journey to realize what a great financial life he could lead. He learned the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN)’s ACRE program and followed a proven system to create his own long term wealth.

In 2018, Josh and his wife purchased two rental properties within 3 months of each other, while becoming members of REIN. They both created a vision for what their next 5 years would look like and started on a mission to create a legacy for them and their family. His passion for investing led him to LEGACY—the world’s first Real Estate Advisory company.

Josh specializes in Real Estate investment advisory and portfolio management. In addition, he has experience purchasing and maintaining residential multi-units in communities across southern Ontario.

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